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    HOTLINE 16256

    HOTLINE 16256

    Livelihoods Improvement of Urban Poor Communities Project (LIUPCP) has established a hotline for reporting corruption and irregularities so that anyone having information on any form of corruption or irregularities relating to LIUPC project can raise his/her voice.

    It is managed by an independent third party on behalf of LIUPC project and accessible countrywide at any time between 9.00 to 17.00.

    The hotline contributes to secure the best use of the project resources aimed for betterment of the poor. It also helps to promote a culture of accountability and transparency throughout the project by bringing any irregularities including any form of corruption to light committed by beneficiaries, community leaders, project staff or others working for or doing business with LIUPC Project.

    While reporting corruption or irregularities, callers are requested to provide basic details of the incidence e.g. who, when, where, why and how irregularity/corruption incident took place, and are encouraged to provide documentary/tangible evidence and the information of witness(s) as it will allow LIUPC project to commission fact-finding/investigation properly.

    LIUPCP will honor confidentiality of information as requested by the complainants or witness unless there is legitimate need to disclose them for the sake of the investigation.

    Intentional transmission of false information is punishable offence, and any potential caller must avoid malicious reporting.